Chicago Home Owners Know The Benefits Of a Multi-Purpose Room, Do you?

Dalila Arellano
Dalila Arellano
Published on November 10, 2020

Living in the city of Chicago can be great. You are close to the action, everything is within arm’s reach, and there are plenty of fun opportunities for socializing. One of the downsides, however, is that space is usually tight. So how do you make the most of the space you have and make it functional? How do you ensure you have organized your life as conveniently as possible?

One of the easiest ways to do this within a home is by having a multipurpose room. Think about this option if you are selling or buying a home. Consider which regular activity does not have its own designated area and start there.

If you are still unclear about what having a multipurpose room entails, fear not. We have compiled all of the benefits of having a multipurpose room in your home and practical ways to use it. So let’s get to it!

Ideas for a multipurpose room

If you are moving into a new place with a small bonus room you do not know what to do with, there are plenty of ways you can outfit it for double or even triple duty. Very often, this space will be too small for a home office or an extra bedroom. However, it will have plenty of room for what we have in mind.


After handling your relocation with the help of someone reliable, you might find yourself unable to unpack because there is nowhere to fit all of your belongings anymore. If you have an extra room, think vertically when it comes to storage. Hanging cabinets or deep shelves can be a great way to employ all that unused real estate. You could use it for storing clothes that are out of season. It will free up a lot of closet space in your home.

If this room is close to the kitchen, you could also use it to store the kitchen tools you do not use often. They will remain close, but you will eliminate stumbling across them every time you are looking for something else.

Additionally, you can even store some non-perishables there too. Canned foods, for example, might take up a lot of space in your pantry, but won’t spoil at all if you keep them here. This will free up a lot of space and allow you to update your kitchen.

Laundry room

If you used the vertical space for storage, one of the things you could do to make this a multipurpose room is outfit it with a washer and dryer. You will also need a small counter for folding clothes. If space is tight, you could use an actual folding table for folding as well.

Having storage space there too can be practical, as you could keep a lot of your washing there. Linens and towels will feel right at home – after washing, just fold them right there and put away. Think of all that space in your closet now!


Mudrooms were a staple in home design for a long time. However, they went out of style in the 1960s when minimalism came knocking. If your extra room is near the entrance, here is another purpose you can add to it! Mudrooms were typically placed near the back or side entrance to the house. They provided a place to take off and store dirty or wet clothes and footwear. This way, people ensured that the rest of their homes stayed tidy and clean.

If you have a pet dog or are a parent, a mudroom will probably be a godsend. Install a small bench as seating and forget about muddy foot- or paw-prints throughout your home. All you need is a plastic tray for wet footwear, and you are all set.

The benefits

We are certain you can already see all of the benefits of having a multipurpose room such as this in your home. Firstly, the noise of the washer-dryer will be limited to one small part of your place. Doing the washing will be made more convenient in more ways than one. You will have a place to store it right there and dirty and wet clothes could go straight in the washer as soon as you come in. The messiness will be sequestered to this small part of the house. Finally, such a small space will be easy to clean and keep in order.

Chances are that you already have a multipurpose room in your home. If you live in the downtown area and space is particularly tight, all of your rooms probably serve multiple purposes in one way or another. Your kitchen is also your dining room, your living room doubles as a workout space, and your bedroom moonlights as a home office. The main advantage of this approach is then clear to you. Making your rooms multifunctional saves you a lot of space. Being able to work with the space you have also saves you a lot of money you would otherwise be doling out on higher rent.

Besides your existing rooms serving various functions, you may want to consider creating another space with a designated purpose (or three), if you have the room. Even the smallest room that you do not quite know what to do with can be turned into a multipurpose heaven. It will alleviate the burden from the rest of your home, keep clutter and chaos at bay and serve the purpose that wouldn’t fit anywhere else in your home.

Sophia Perry, Outreach Coordinator for Arizona Moving Professionals.

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